owly night

okay okay i admit, hahaah i've ignored this blog for a while, because of my super laziness (i dont even do my school task :P )
but here i'm back, with extra happiness to share

here is owl. owl is my favorite animal in the world. cute yet mysterious.
i drew a loooot of owl. and this one is a submission for laptop art :)

wish me luck!!!

bitchy vs cutie

cutie afternoon vs bitchy night


robin hood!

watchout we r rhythm bandits

b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bandits Rhythm!

we want 2 give u back the b-beat back
(rhythm bandits)
steal the beat like he would, the robin hood
(rhythm bandits)
the robin hood...

i have a loooot of school tasks :P, one of them is motion graphic - i shud make a video clip, with after effect. we do the task in group, and this is robin hood, the main character of the vid. we pick "rhythm bandits" by junior senior for the song


bitchy little tiger.

let's start a daily illustration blog.promised my self to do at least an illustration a day to keep the laziness away. the illustration depends on my daily mood, since these days i kinda feel bbbbbbitchy, so, ta-da! me in a new costume! auuuum...